I'm a big fan of Japanese animation especially years'80 anime like Orange Road, Touch, Maison Ikkuku, Candy, Georgie,Magical Girls,etc...
So I've decided to dedicatea blog at the Pierrot's Magical Girls: Creamy Mamy (my favourite), Magical Emi, Pastel Yumi, Pelsia and Fancy Lala.I really love them!!!
My blog is for entertainment use, all the characters and images are protected by respective owners.Some images in this blog especially for the graphic,are copyright by
Studio Pierrot, Only Shojo, Majokko Club other are from the web so if you see some as yours please contact so I'll put the credit.

venerdì 30 maggio 2008


Miho is a 9-year old girl, who is shy but full of imagination. Her dream is to become a popular singer or a cartoonist. One day, she meets a stranger, Fushigi and he gives her two dinosaur plushies, which turn out to be magical creatures called Pigu and Mogu. Pigu and Mogu give her magical tools. Using the tools, she transforms herself into a 15-year old singer and fashion model, Lala! Miho has a complex feeling towards her mother, a successful career woman, and her elder sister, one of the best students at her school. Miho feels insecure about herself, not knowing what she could be. She wants to believe if she transforms into Lala, she could be a different person, not a shy girl always daydreaming. In the final story of Magical Girls Series, Pierrot shows more about a little girl's reality and her feelings.

TV Animation Series
Duration of initial on air: Apr 1998 - Sep 1998
Episode: 26
Length: 30 minutes
Broadcasting Station: TVO

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