I'm a big fan of Japanese animation especially years'80 anime like Orange Road, Touch, Maison Ikkuku, Candy, Georgie,Magical Girls,etc...
So I've decided to dedicatea blog at the Pierrot's Magical Girls: Creamy Mamy (my favourite), Magical Emi, Pastel Yumi, Pelsia and Fancy Lala.I really love them!!!
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venerdì 30 maggio 2008


Mai's grandparents own a magic troupe called Magicarrat. Her grandparents try to expand the scale of Magicarrat by including dancers and acrobats in their magic show. Mai always dreams about becoming a fantastic magician, but she, as an elementary school pupil, is too young to perform magic tricks. One day, she encounters a fairy in a mirror, Topo. Topo gives her magical stick, which has the power to make her wish come true. Mai uses the stick to transform herself into a genius magician, Magical Emi! As Mai wishes, Magical Emi becomes the superstar of the Magicarrat. In the splendid magic show with songs and dances, Magical Emi performs amazing illusions and magic tricks for the audience. This is a third series of Magical Girl Series.
TV Animation Series
Duration of initial on air: Jun 1985 - Feb 1986
Episode: 38
Length: 30 minutes
Broadcasting Station: NTV

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